about us

Art-ology is a Detroit based
non-profit organization

What we do

Nurturing Creativity and Connecting Communities through Art


Our mission will be to make art accessible globally, while promoting cultural exchange, education, mental health and eliminating stigmas in the art community.


We envision a world where our community can freely explore and experience diverse cultures through art, leading to greater empathy, understanding, and mental well-being, while breaking down barriers and stigmas within the art community.

Our principles

Core principles of Art-ology for building an inclusive artistic community.


Art-ology is committed to making art and creative experiences accessible to all members of the community.


Art-ology believes in the power of education to develop and nurture the artistic talents of individuals and communities.


Art-ology seeks to foster a sense of community among artists and creatives in the Detroit-Windsor area

Intentional Elements

Art-ology's core dimensions of creative expression, community building, and globalization are essential to creating a vibrant and inclusive artistic community in Detroit and Windsor

By providing accessible and diverse artistic opportunities, connecting artists across borders, and promoting social impact through art, Art-ology aims to inspire creativity and connection. Through these efforts, Art-ology hopes to not only strengthen the artistic community but also foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. Ultimately, by cultivating a more globalized and socially conscious approach to the arts, Art-ology seeks to create a more equitable and enriching world for all.